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Benefits Of HIIT Training

09th May 2018


High Intensity Interval Training is an extremely effective way to burn calories quickly and boost your heart rate. These workouts don’t have to be long, a 30 minute HIIT workout will burn more calories than a treadmill.

Here are some key factors to the benefits of HIIT training:

  • You can do this anywhere and at any time! HIIT training is excellent is your limited for time and need to squeeze in a quick workout and you’ll still feel the benefit from even a short session
  • You don’t need any equipment and can fit this into your lunch break or if you’re away on holiday!
  • Alternating between short bursts of activity in a circuit is a fantastic way to burn fat quickly but it also continues to burn calories 24 hours after exercise!
  • Choose your own workout/exercises! You can mix up these workouts as much as you like and mix between lower and upper body. For example, running on the spot, max speed on a bike, sled pushes, battle ropes etc. These are all great to increase your heart rate and pushes your body to reach top speed in a short amount of time before moving to the next exercise
  • Increase strength and fitness whilst having fun! Mixing up these workouts can keep it energised and fun. This can help relieve stress and anxiety as well as keeping a healthy heart and helps blood flow throughout the body.
  • Effective alternative to long cardio sessions. Especially if you’re looking to build muscle as these workouts are combined with weight exercises and body weight training.
  • You can train by yourself or with a group of people. Encourage each other to make this more challenging!

Most importantly... HAVE FUN!