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31st July 2018

There are many reasons why having a Personal Trainer can be beneficial to your fitness progress, whatever your goals may be.

From creating fitness and diet plans to educating you on proper form and technique, PT’s are an essential part of gym life.

We have put together 5 reasons why you might find having a PT useful:

1. Faster results- Having a PT to guide you through a proper fitness and diet plan can ensure that you’re doing everything right and achieving the best results.

2. Reduced chance of injury- A PT can teach you proper form and technique to stay safe during your workouts and progress properly and injury-free.

3. Overcome any obstacles- A PT can determine and resolve any obstacles that you feel may be standing in the way of your progress. Whether this be a diet or fitness challenge.

4. Fat loss and muscle gain- Often it’s hard to find the right balance between these two goals. But a PT, through their plan, can help you to find the right exercises to achieve all of your goals.

5. Motivation- Motivation is often difficult to maintain on your own. But having a PT can motivate you to get to the gym and complete your workout to the best of your ability. And your PT will ensure that this happens. Having a PT celebrate your consistency and your progress can be a real motivator.

Remember all members of Lifestyle Fitness receive a FREE PT consultation! If you would like to book this in then please speak to a member of staff in club.