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Beating the post-summer blues

23rd August 2019

The wet weather is soon upon us – soon we’re back to early starts, dark nights and typical wet British weather.

Don’t stay down, we’ve got three simple ways to overcome the summer blues; exercise, nutrition and meditation.


We’ve all been there when it’s wet outside, you’re comfy in your favourite pyjamas, with a Netflix box-set series on repeat and the last thing on your mind is exercise. Despite our tendency to wrap up warm and avoid exercise at all costs, exercise is proven to be a mood booster.

When engaging in exercise, our body releases “feel-good” chemicals called endorphins that act as a pain reliever and happiness booster.

Struggling to find time to incorporate exercise into your daily routine? This often is a major issue, but experts suggest that just 20 minutes of exercise a day can uplift your mood.

Prefer being outdoors? Bring your workout inside to avoid the cold weather - try yoga or online HIIT.  

Diet and Nutrition

In addition to exercise, diet and nutrition can make a massive impact on our mood. If you’re feeling groggy or demotivated - taking the correct nutrients can really improve your mood and wellbeing. Here are the main mood boosting nutrients:

Magnesium: Magnesium is a key mineral for many processes in the body and deficiencies can lead to chronic stress, fatigue and hormone imbalances.

B Vitamins: B vitamins are key for energy production and can be found in wholegrains and green leafy vegetables.

Omega 3s: These are essential fatty acids for mood health and can be found in oily fish, chia seeds and omega oils.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga is a great way of keeping the mind and body balanced.

Have the post-summer blues left you wanting to try something different? Mindful meditation can have a positive impact on your life, such as; enhanced productivity at work, improved physical performance in sports, and reduced stress and anxiety.

Researchers have found that meditation training boosts the left frontal activity in the brain, which is linked to positive mood, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Meditation provides a context in which we can step back from habitual thinking and emotions, allowing us to witness them with clarity and perspective.

Unfortunately, we can’t bring the Maldives to the UK, but we can try to take improved care of our body and wellbeing.

So, jump out of your comfy pyjamas, grab a healthy lunch and stretch your way out of the post-summer blues.