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Beat the winter gym blues

21st December 2018

We all know going to the gym this time of year can be hard… so we’ve set you small achievable goals to help to get you back into the gym after a long winter break!

Start off simple

After a long break, it can be overwhelming getting back into your gym routine, so it’s best to start with something simple and build yourself back up. If a big weight session is too intense for you, then go for a light jog on the treadmill or a short session on the cross trainer. Once you start with something small and feel comfortable with the pace you’re going at you will want to continue and easily slip back into your healthy routine.

Schedule it in your diary

When getting back into the swing of things we always put off going to the gym. Any excuse not to go! (Trust us, we know first hand…) It’s important to clear your schedule and specifically make time for your gym routine.

Prepare your gym bag

Did exercising in the morning used to be your thing, but now you’re struggling to find the ger-up-and-go?

Prepare your gym bag the night before and put it somewhere visible so you don’t forget about it the next day. This leaves no excuse to avoid the gym when your gym bag is ready and packed, as this will act as a good reminder of what you have committed to.

Get an exercise buddy

It’s too easy to pull out of a gym session if there’s only yourself to answer too.

Having a friend, work colleague or family member to workout with provides mass encouragement and is a great way to boost motivation. This creates a social aspect and an element of fun also, as you can plan out routines together and stick to it.

To take to full advantage of this, Lifestyle Fitness offer Free Day Passes, so you can bring a friend for a free workout!


Set attainable long and short-term goals

Set achievable goals to keep you motivated throughout your exercise journey. Whether it’s adding another minute to your cardio time or using a slightly heavier weight  - celebrate the successes and goals that you achieve! We always like to hear about them on our social channels too so hit us up!

PT sessions

If you’re a first timer in the gym, or if you’re a regular visitor but want to achieve a certain goal and don’t know where to start, a Personal Trainer can offer additional support and guidance, to make your fitness plan catered to your needs or goals.

Log your progression

To remind yourself of your progression, take pictures or write notes of your weigh-ins. This way you can keep track of your journey and remind yourself of your achievements, to keep you motivated. If you’re on a weight loss journey, we pay you to lose weight! You can read more about it here - https://www.lifestylefitness.co.uk/membership/earn-while-you-burn/ and again, we always like to see member progressions photos so get in touch!