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22nd January 2018

Most of us have experienced that uncomfortable bloating feeling, which doesn't leave us feeling great- espcially when we want to hit the gym!

Bloating can be a very common side effect of a number of foods and drinks that we may intake daily. Here's a run through of these foods and how you can try to reduce this...


SALT- A high salt intake, can cause dehydration of your cells. But to try and stop this from happening, your body can hold on to the water that your body has already stored around your cells and this can cause water retention. This is like a protective mechanism for the body if you're having too much sodium and not drinking enough water. Because the body doesn't think it's going to get enough water, it tries to store and keep what it DOES have. But this can cause swelling, bloating and an increased weight on the scales. Reducing the level of salt you intake can help to avoid bloating.

DAIRY-  Much like people who suffer from Lactose Intolerance, dairy can be a common cause for bloating. High levels of dairy products like milk and cheese in your diet can be a reason for your bloating. Try substituing for something else, such as dairy free products!

SIMPLE CARBS- This includes the likes of white bread, pasta, pizza, potatoes, candy bars, etc. Because these are so dense and heavy, they sit in your stomach and are quickly digested, however this quick digestion is a common cause of bloating and sometimes discomfort. Try to swap your simple carbs for complex, having porridge, sweet potatoes, brown bread, wholemeal rice and legumes etc.

CAFFEINE RICH DRINKS-  As these are all diuretics that can cause your body to dehydrate, much  like having high levels of salt, they can result in you feeling uncomfortable. Having these in large quantities is what makes you experience this bloating feeling. Try balancing it out with drinking a recommended 3L of water a day.

BEANS AND VEGETABLES- While these are an important addition to your diet, consuming them in large quantities is what will leave you feeling bloated! This is more to do with the fact that they can often cause you to want to "pass gas" more often than other foods. Obviously not to be avoided but if too much is consumed in ONE sitting then this could also cause digestive discomfort.

While all of these foods and drinks are important aspects to your diet, having them in moderation is important to leave you feeling super!

This guest post comes from our Carlisle PT Nicole Benson!