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Barnsley Member Overcoming Anorexia

29th August 2017

One of our Barnsley members shares her incredible transformation story on how she overcame Anorexia to now competing in Body Building competitions!

"I have trained religiously for the last 4-5 years now at lifestyle in Barnsley. 

Going from being diagnosed anorexic and training 7 days a week... hardly any weights and doing 2 hours cardio a day. I took no rest days to now competing in body building competitions and training 6 days a week, with a solid rest day! I am more than happy with my progress. Having the superb facilties at Lifestyle Fitness, it has allowed me to consistently train at the same gym and attend twice day for my competition preperation.

My diet and training will vary depending on upcoming competitions etc. I am currently in my off season, which at the minute consists of 3500 calories a day -  6 meals a day with high carbohydrates. I train 6 days a week and my training consists of a body part split over the 6 days. For example... back one day, glutes one day, etc. However, my plan changes according to my goals and areas for development. So at the minute making improvements on upper body mass, so my split is very upper body focused.  My training plan changes every 4-5 weeks."

Determination and having a goal in mind can help you achieve any goal you put your mind to and Katie proves this! 

Fantastic work!