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25th July 2018

“Hi everyone, my name’s Steph and I’m an addict…

I’m three months back from my last mountain climb and one away from my next. What’s the addiction? There’s the danger, the being totally divorced from everyday normality and of course, the stunning scenery. I’ve walked above the clouds, seen a thunder storm from above and I’ve seen the sunrise over Everest. Climbing mountains is incredible, there’s nothing like it and do you know what else it is? It’s bloomin’ horrendous! The physical and mental strain, the working your body at its hardest at 44% oxygen levels… it’s dreadful! Every stunning view you see - you earn those views… you really earn those views but it’s worth it. One of the best feelings I’ve had this year is this…

“A new speed record was set this spring by our super fit Mera Peak team reaching the summit in a mere 4 hours. This just goes to show what is possible for a dedicated well trained and focussed climbing team!” (360 Expeditions 2018) - That was me!!

Climbing mountains means I need to prepare my body for it to reach its limits and still bring me home safely. I am a regular at Lifestyle Fitness Avon Valley and have been for four years. Does my branch have the biggest, most fancy space going, no, but it’s more special than the four walls and gym equipment! When I go to my gym classes it’s like the Cheers theme song – “where everybody knows your name” (try not singing that over and over in your head again now!)

So what gets me up the mountains, well… long training treks aside, it’s mainly (and throughout the winter almost exclusively) spin classes each week – I try to nail four a week but that’s not always realistic. That takes care of the cardio. I also keep my legs strong by regularly attending Shape and Pump or Legs Bums and Tums. I love seeing new classes like Eldora come into offer. I have no idea what Eldora is but I’m about to find out!

The reason I keep putting myself through these majestic horrors is because I’m fit enough to do them and as long as my body will carry me to see these wonders, I will continue to let it.

As our friend Teddy Roosevelt once said, “nothing worth having ever comes easy”

Work for it and even if you don’t reach your goal first time round, be so proud of what you accomplished trying.”