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Anti Tobacco Day

31st May 2018

As its World Anti Tobacco day today, we thought share with you some fitness benefits to quitting smoking that exceed the obvious health benefits.

Before we do, lets look at some of the facts on tobacco.

There are over 1 billion smokers worldwide.
Right now, tobacco is one of the biggest health threats in the world, killing more than 7 million people each year, 6 million of those deaths coming from direct tobacco use while 1 million comes from second hand smoke.
If this doesn't relate to you, then that's fine, if it does or maybe you know someone who smokes, then read on.
Smoking clearly has a direct impact on our health, but i guess if you are reading this post you also have an interest in your fitness and possibly your appearance.
Its pretty obvious that smoking will impact your fitness.

Smoking decreases oxygen in the body and reduces endurance 
Every puff of smoke inhaled causes the airways to constrict.  Over time, the narrowing of airways causes irreversible lung damage
Smoking increases blood pressure and your heart rate 
Smokers suffer from shortness of breath three times as often as non-smokers 
Smokers have less muscular strength and flexibility 
Smoking affects bones and joints and increases risk of developing hip fractures, osteoporosis and lower back pain
Smokers take longer to heal from injuries than non-smokers 

Some interesting figures:

Smokers in endurance tests reached exhaustion earlier than non-smokers 
In 12 minutes, smokers ran a shorter distance than non-smokers 
In a 16km run, smokers were consistently slower than non-smokers 
For every cigarette smoked per day, their finishing time increased by 40 seconds 
Smoking 20 a day increases the time to run 16km by 12 age years 
Non-smokers ran an 80 metre sprint in a significantly shorter time than smokers

From all of that its clear to see that smoking isn't great for your fitness.
But did you know the impact it also has on your appearance?
Tobacco smoke deprives your skin of nutrients and oxygen, and further destroys your body’s ability to produce collagen and elastin.
This causes deep wrinkles and damaged skin. Smoking further causes the skin to take on a purple, red, or orange hue or tone. It further causes premature graying of the hair, or hair loss, in both men and women.
If that is enough to put you off smoking, don't despair, 
Some smoking effects can be reversed by simply stopping. 
Smokers who quit (even after 60yrs old) have better lung function than smokers who continue to smoke. People who already exercise are less likely to smoke?
Taking part in any physical activity helps and motivates smokers to quit.
Quitting isn't easy, so, get yourself down to the gym tonight and start taking small steps to making a change for the better

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