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A Beginners Guide To Free Weights

22nd September 2017

Some free weight exercises in the early days of training simply don't work well for people.

(Despite effort being put in)

Mainly because flexibility, balance, strength, and stability aren't quite where they need to be... YET.

(Use walking lunges as an example)

This can cause a lot of instability in the movement and a lot of stress being forced into joints as opposed to the target muscles.


Use weight training machines!

They'll work in your favor.

Here's why-

1) Stability and balance are instantly taken out of the equation.

2) Technically they're easier to get right than free weight exercises.

3) You can focus on controlling the pace of the exercise a hell of a lot easier.

4) Technically, you have less to think about meaning you can focus on tensing and using the target muscles throughout.

5) You can adjust the machine to fit your body shape, flexibility and limb length.

6) Typically there are less moving body parts than a lot of free weight exercises meaning you can target specific areas of the body easily.