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01st August 2018

Dieting can be tough. You could be a total fitness enthusiast, working out everyday. But if your diet plan isn't right then progress can be difficult. 

Every person is different, therefore you should tailor your diet plan according to your fitness and your goals. 

We've put together 5 ways that will ensure that you stick to your diet plan...

1. Plan meals and snacks- Planning is key to any diet to ensure that your stay on track throughout the week. At the beginning of the week write down everything that you plan to eat and when. Then use this plan to meal prep. You’ll have no excuses to not stick to plan.

2. Have a goal to aim for- This could be an event, like a wedding, or just simply saying ‘I want to achieve this in 8 weeks time’. Whatever it may be keep it realistic but challenging and this will motivate you to stay on plan, even when you’re feeling unmotivated.

3. Highlight your weaker areas- You may stick to plan perfectly throughout the week, but what happens when it comes to a weekend and you suddenly lose control? Weekends can be difficult to manage when it comes to staying on plan, but highlighting these issues can really help with your progress. Treats and cheat days are totally fine while dieting, just be sure to plan them in and you’ll stay in control.

4. Write it all down- Writing your food intake down everyday is a sure way of keeping track and using this to progress. Sometimes we forget what we eat and this can lead us to go over our calories. Plus writing it all down gives us knowledge of what works for us. Having a bad week? Then refer back to what you ate in a good week.

5. Measure your food- Again, measuring your food should be an essential part of your diet. Not measuring our food intake can be danger territory that can lead to overeating. Measure your food and write it all down and you shouldn’t have any problems sticking to plan.