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13th June 2018

17th June is Eat Your Veg Day- a day dedicated to encouraging us to get more vegetables into our diet.

In the UK, it is recommended that we consume 5 servings of fruit or vegetables a day.

Each vegetable has it's own nutritional content, though generall, they contain a little protein or fat and varying proportions of vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Vitamin B6, provitimans, dietary minerals and carbohydrates. Many vegetables also contain fibre, which is important for gastrointestinal function.

We've put together 5 simple ways that you can get your recommended 5 vegetables into your day...

1. Start the day right- Getting veg into your breakfast is easier than you may think. Try avocado toast, some grilled tomatos or a veggie omelette to get that healthy kick in your breakfast.


2. Eat veggie snacks- To avoid dangerous snacking- eat your veg as snacks, such as batons of carrot, cucumber and pepper. Eat them raw and you'll also get the satisfaction of having something crunchy.


3. Throw your veg in wherever- Spag bol, shepherd's pie, curry? Literally throw whatever vegetables you like in to make it extra tasty and extra healthy.


4. Get creative- In an age of sweet potato mash, corgetti-spaghetti and butternut sqaffles, get creative in how you fit more veg into your meals.


5. Beans, beans, beans- A portion of pulses or lentils- yes, including baked beans- counts as a portion of your daily veg. They're also a great source of protein and fibre, making them perfect for any meal.