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15th January 2018

Lisa is a member of our Carlisle gym and has been working with PT Matthew Thompson for the past month to achieve her weight loss dream.

Having already lost 8lbs herself from following tips and tricks off Matthew’s Facebook page, Lisa took it upon herself to get up and really make a difference for herself.

After her consultation with Matthew, Lisa has now completed a 4 week weight loss starter pack programme. This didn't include 1-1 training, but Lisa managed to take on all of the advice and guidance given by Matthew to carry out the programme.

Due to her hard work and commitment, she has now lost nearly 1 STONE in just 4 weeks on the programme, as well as the 8lbs she has already lost by herself.

She has continued to lose inches and weight beyond the programme, having learnt a lot from Matthew about fitness and nutrition.

Lisa’s story shows us that getting up and finding support can really help you to achieve that end goal. We’re sure that Lisa has started 2018 much more confident about the year ahead!