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05th June 2018

Gin lovers of the world rejoice! To celebrate World Gin Day we're looking at some low-calorie gin drinks you can indulge in while staying in control of your calories!

One 25ml shot of gin has 62 calories*- meaning it's one of the lowest calorie spirits that you can enjoy.

Choosing low-calorie mixers to go with your gin will allow you have a couple of drinks while staying within your calories. Here are some drink ideas for GIN-spiration...

Gimblet- 74 calories

Go with this classic Gimlet cocktail, available at most bars or make your own! This drink combines gin with a splash of sweetened lime juice. 

Classic Martini- 125 calories

Mix Vermouth and gin to create this classic martini. Order your martini extra dry and you'll get less Vermouth, meaning more gin!

Cucumber and Elderflower Cooler- 41 calories

Blend ice, dry gin, elderflower cordial and sliced cucumber to create your cooler! It's light, summery and perfect for your next cocktail party.

Gin and Tonic- 64 calories

Simple but sweet! Opt for diet tonic for even less calories- the perfect accompaniment to a top-shelf gin.

*Calories may differ depending on brand.