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Nathans 10 Week Transformation!

20th September 2017

This is Nathan's progress with 10 weeks training behind him.

With measurements dropping considerably and a total of just under two stone of weight being lost!

What drastic changes did I have to make to Nathans life?

Not much.

While keeping him in a calorie deficit I increased his total calorie intake and protein intake.

I took him through and gave him a structured resistance training program to follow.

I made slight changes to his eating habits and content. Nothing special.

How did he receive such results?

By being consistent with his training and nutrition.

All these results while even having a holiday in-between....not bad.

Now onto a short maintenance phase before his next holiday (lucky guy) to let his body adapt to these new changes.

Then onto another fat loss phase focusing more on depletion before entering a potential lean mass building phase.

Where Nathan can go from here could be awesome.

If he continues to be consistent and works hard as he has been then the results will continue to be great!

Good work man, keep it up!

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