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10 top tips to burn fat

04th July 2016

We’re all told that our exercise routines should be area-specific, that our end goal should define exactly how we go about our routine, whether it be to build muscle, improve performance or burn fat.

Here, LifestyleFitness.co.uk offers at a number of ways you can burn fat faster just by incorporating them into your exercise routine.

Get up and go
It’s hardly surprising that 75% of those with the willpower to spring out of bed and do their workout first thing do so regularly, compared to around 25% of those who wait until after work. It’s a good habit to get into, encourages you to enjoy a healthy breakfast, and helps to kickstart your metabolism.

Embrace the evils of HIIT
It can be a cruel and unforgiving mistress, but the fact is that HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a far more effective way of burning fat than the age-old and mind-numbing hour on a treadmill. As an added bonus, studies show that staying at 80% of your heart rate for around 40 minutes amplifies your metabolism for as long as 19 hours.

Choose your playlist wisely
Regardless of whether you prefer The Saturdays or The Smiths, listening to up-tempo music should be a constant in your exercise routine. It increases motivation and provides your body with a healthy rhythm to go on with, whilst lower tempo tunes can have the opposite effect.

Go Scandi
Let’s face it, Nordic poles might not be the most fashionable addition to your walk in the hills, but studies show that, incredibly, it increases calorie burning potential by up to a fifth.

Target your wobbly bits
Long gone are the days when spot reduction was derided as a fitness myth. Studies have found that targeting stubborn areas with a workout before a prolonged period of cardio can help to shift that pesky blubber sooner than you might think.

Add to your load
It’s simple but effective. Wearing a weighted belt can increase your standard calorie burn by around 8%.

Go hard early doors
It may go against everything you’ve ever known to be true, but going hell for leather early on in your workout may just be the way forward, according to research undertaken by the College of New Jersey. According to them, working harder during the first half of your workout burns fat 23% more effectively than the other way around.

Enter the world of weights..
Whilst weight loss is the numbers game fat burners often pride themselves on, it is important to build a little muscle whilst the rest of your body shrinks. Working with weights should prevent your body from entering the metabolic shutdown that can rear its head during weight loss, it keeps your routine varied, and helps to provide physical signs of improvement.

..And do it slowly
Super slow reps with a dumbbell increase strength at a rate 50% higher than regular ones.

Be ambitious
It might be tempting to plump for the smaller weights and count out a few hundred reps, but the fact is that completing fewer reps with heavier weights is a practise far more conducive to weight loss. Being ambitious is key to your entire routine, and whilst being realistic is key, fat burning requires hard work and dedication.